Testimonials from clients
My daily schedule consist of sitting at a computer and standing long hours filming. So my back feels the strain. Thankfully I’ve been using Karlye’s stretch program to not only relieve the pain but feel many years younger.

I injured my back last year so bad it kept me out of the water for months. When I started going to Byron Stretch Therapy I was back surfing. Thank you! ”

I do Karlye’s stretch every day. It’s been huge for my health and happiness. I feel younger than ever.

Taylor Steele
Surf Filmmaker & Director

New York


I believe stretch therapy should be incorporated into everyone’s lives as I have never felt so supple & flexible as when I started practising with Karlye. It has become the ultimate must in my weekly routine!

Stretch therapy has helped to progress both my yoga & Pilates practice. By increasing my suppleness, it has definitely improved my extension with all joints & so my practise has deepened.

As a qualified yoga & ski instructor, I believe that stretch therapy will benefit any athletes performance by increasing your range of motion & helping to eliminate pain from previous injuries or ongoing joint problems.

The blend of breath & stretch in a relaxed & non-harmful way allows your mind & body to work together to maximise your range of movement.

Karlye is a knowledgeable & experienced teacher who guides you through each movement with precision & care, which allows you to relax & focus on the breathing & stretch in a meditative way.

I find stretch therapy has benefitted my life in a myriad of different ways.

As a 49 year old woman who has had four children, stretch therapy has improved my suppleness, helped extend my joint mobility, especially my hip flexors, and further developed my awareness of my body.

As someone who has been physically active most of their life & has lived with constant knee problems since the age of 11, stretch therapy has been a true revelation. I am truly astounded as to how supple, strong & flexible I feel. And my range of movement in my knees has improved so much that I now have a range of movement that I haven’t had for years … And all pain free!!!

As a mother who has experienced the benefits of stretch therapy, I am now encouraging all my children to practise with Karlye so they can not only improve their sporting performance, but to also help prevent injury for the future while expanding their mind/ body connection.

Stretch Therapy with Karlye has been a huge benefit to my life. I feel stronger, more supple & flexible physically and calmer & more present mentally.

Melissa Stinson
Byron Bay


I have been doing stretch classes with Karlye for the last 6 months and can’t believe the difference it has made to my body. I walk and swim across Byron Bay 6-7 mornings a week and also do 2 swim squads in the pool, so I need to stretch my muscles out. I have arthritis in my feet and hands and several sporting injuries so even though I’m reasonably fit, I thought I was a bit of a wreck! I’ve tried various types of yoga and I like it, but I find stretch therapy is way, way better! It’s obviously great for young people to keep their body flexible and in line throughout their life, but I am over 60 and I have found that it’s never too late to start. I was stiff and awkward at the beginning and yet after only a few months I can’t believe how much I have improved. For example, on one particular exercise I could just get my finger tips to the floor – and now I’m down on both elbows. Believe me, it works. I don’t want to stop – I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life. The hour goes so quickly and we are always a bit disappointed when the class finishes! Karlye is amazing – she has extensive knowledge of the body and the muscles, how they work and how they need to be stretched. She is a fantastic teacher, very personable and friendly and we all love her to bits! Thanks Karlye, you’ve got me for a very long time!

Jennifer De Greenlaw