Corporate Workshops

Byron Stretch Therapy offers corporate workshops which focus on the ergonomics of the body with daily repetitive movement. The workshop focuses on stretch techniques that can be used while sitting in the office chair. These stretches will release and relieve tension from the muscles which cause pain and discomfort which will make your team more productive and less prone to work related-injury due to repetitive movement. Reward your staff today!
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Here is a Testimonial from Vanessa Rendalls from The Buttery Rehabilation Centre. A group of their staff came and did a 2 hour Stretch and Release Workshop.

Karlye did a stretch session for my team at work. We are in the well-being industry and take self care very seriously. We try all types of well-being activities so we can preach what we’ve practiced. Before we did the class I think we all thought it was either going to be like a yoga class or like the warm ups you do before playing sport. We were all very pleasantly surprised. I got messages from all my team saying how amazing and fabulous they felt after it and thanking me for arranging it. One staff member, who has had a back issue, actually said they had not had so much freedom of movement in their back for years. Several staff are now attending Karlye’s other sessions regularly. It was a great team bonding session as well as good for my staff’s physical and mental well-being. It was such a hit we’ve booked Karlye again. I highly recommend this activity for workplaces, especially if your staff are sitting at a desk or computer all day, or driving around a lot.

Vanessa Rendalls (program manager, for The Buttery’s bwell program)