About Stretch Therapy Byron Bay


Stretch Therapy improves your posture, flexibility and relieves pain and tension in your muscles.

You will feel more flexible, stronger and more supple through these techniques. Stretch Therapy classes involve stretching different areas in the body, which will re-pattern your range of movement and relieve tightness and pain within the body. Classes involve solo and partner stretching techniques and will improve your awareness of changes and sensations within your body. Why stretch? Everyone knows how important it is to stretch whether you're being told to by your health practitioner or through the media or at the gym. But in today's busy society our muscles, which carry most the stress from our stressful lives, are usually the last to be cared for. By maintaining flexibility through our body we give ourselves better posture, which in turn allows our body to relax. At Stretch Therapy Byron Bay small group sizes of up to 10 people, as well as private one-on-one sessions, allow for focus on clients' specific needs within their body. All classes move through stretches slowly with clear precise demonstration and instruction of each stretch. These stretches will give your body the muscle memory to allow your body to relax. Flexibility and strength are critical in life whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete or an office worker or mum. The techniques we use will allow your muscles to lengthen and will in turn relieve them from repetitive movement tension and pain which will allow the muscles to relax. Perfect for the corporate group as we have an array of stretches that can be performed at work that will help your team to perform better in the work place and help with work-related injuries. Contact us today to find out more on how we can help you discover your better self.


Karlye Williamson is a qualified Stretch Therapy Teacher

A qualified personal trainer and surf coach, Karlye's journey took a new direction after discovering Stretch Therapy. Seeing for herself how Stretch Therapy can improve the quality of people's lives, Karlye has become passionate about spreading the many benefits of this form of therapy throughout the Byron Bay community and beyond. Karlye runs small weekly classes in Byron, as well as private one-on-one classes. Karlye is also currently studying Occupational Therapy and is able to apply the skill set to Stretch Therapy in helping clients with the remedial benefits of this practice.


Stretch Therapy Byron Bay Classes

Stretch Therapy Byron Bay

Stretch Therapy Classes in Byron Bay are located at the beautifully appointed  Byron Bay Golf Club, situated on the back deck over looking the world class golf course.

Class time are:

Monday 5:30pm till 6:30pm

all matts are provided please wear comfortable clothes 

costs are $20 for a drop in class or $100 for 6 week package available. 

Private classes: does the class time not suit you? is there an area in your body that you need to work on that suffers from pain sand stiffness or do you want to gain more flexibility and posture? Then call to set up a one on one private class at a time that suits you or gather some friends and have your own class. Affordable rates and in the comfort of your own home.

Corporate Group Workshops available. Are your staff sore and stiff from sitting at a computer all day? then look after them and your business by booking a regular stretch and release class for your staff, so they are not calling in sick due to work related injuries.

Price of Classes and Privates

Casual classes $20